10 Free Ecommerce Templates Built with Bootstrap: Pick One and Build Your Own Website

If you had the budget and time needed to develop a custom website from scratch, we know that you would probably do that! But not everyone has the money to hire a professional web developer or designer to help you create a custom website from scratch. Besides, creating a website is a long and demanding project and requires precise focus to make it a successful venture. You need to understand that ecommerce is a serious business. There is no room for mistakes, especially if you are serious about your business. The competition is fierce and you can’t allow yourself to disappoint your customers. You should provide an unforgettable experience, affordable prices, and user-friendly ecommerce shop. How to do all of this?

Easy, with ecommerce templates like Shopify. This is one of the best solutions when it comes to website building. If you don’t have money to hire a web developer to build a website from scratch, you can always get a free ecommerce template and create a website according to your business’s needs and preferences. Yes, even though it is a template, you can still customize it according to your preferences. Usually, the templates come with different layouts and themes so you can adjust them to suit your business, brand, and the products or services you are selling. In this article, we are going to present you the 10 best ecommerce templates built with Bootstrap! Pick one and create your own website today!

  • 1. Mattress This free theme has been designed to feature a modern and minimalistic approach towards product pages. This allows store owners to use the page space for presenting products in more details, descriptions, and pictures.
  • 2. Watches This template will help small and large watch businesses to promote their brand and ensure a steady flow of sales and profit thanks to the modern and elegant combination of fonts, colors, and website elements.
  • 3. Swim Wear A very popular Bootstrap theme for brands and businesses that promote themselves in the swimming markets. The footer or this template is for presenting the most consistent web links and for presenting the social media availability
  • 4. N-Air This is an amazing theme for businesses and brands who want to present and sell their shoe products in a very futuristic and original way.
  • 5. Fashion Mania This theme will provide an incredible experience by using interesting and creative fonts and light color options that put the significance of the product itself.

  • 6. Luxury Furnish With using this template you will be able to display all of your products in an elegant and professional way. The product pages feature a background photo on top and also adds other elements such as product details and specifications.
  • 7. Wedding Store This theme doesn’t look like a planned wedding, instead there is everything a wedding shopper would want – color and contrast, beauty, and simplicity.
  • 8. Obaju If you are looking for something more complex, this is the perfect template for you! This theme is ideal for complex product category websites.
  • 9. Pendent Store If you are planning on selling jewelry or accessories online, this is the only template you need. Whether you are looking to sell earrings, jewelry or necklaces, this theme has definitely something to offer to anyone working within a jewelry business.
  • 10. Markito This is a user-friendly, creative, and playful ecommerce template. The product pages are rich in color and very convenient to browse. This theme is based on the Bootstrap foundation.

Check out the features they offer and pick the template that suits you the most!

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